04 3 / 2014

Today I wanna thank one of my friends I won’t mention her name but well she is a close one for me anyway.. I wanna thank her for being on my side during all the years we know each other, for supporting me and my life choices tho they were not all successful. Some of them caused pain and bad memories some of them were as bright as fireworks in the summer night sky. But all these days she was a real friend of mine and I’m very happy I’ve chosen her the day we first met. Today I’m listening to her fav songs and I’m glad she knows which music to chose)) love u my sweet croissant ^^

21 2 / 2014

I even do not know what to say about what is happening in the Ukraine right now. To say I’m shocked is equal to keeping silence. I cannot still realise that it is true, that it’s happening in the city I used to walk around, where my friends live and which gave me pretty much wonderful memories.. It turned into a painful image of ppl’s savage nature.. I’m sympothize with all that is taking place right now in our neigbour country. I wish that all could stop asap. No more deaths, no more victims, no more war. 

17 2 / 2014

#np Dead by April

It’s so strange when sometimes U even do not know why and from what U  keep running.. Right now it seems to me that I try to hide from something and music is my shelter.. And U know what? No one and nothing can destroy it or even enter without my permision. It’s like another world that keeps me safe.. That gives me a second to face with myself, my fears, my thoughts and decide what to do, how to act.. I’m pretty much thankful to music that it plays such a great role in my life.. Due to it i still managed to survive..

16 2 / 2014

a lil #flashback

a lil #flashback

16 2 / 2014

A bit posh title but still im pretty much happy I can come back here anytime i wanna and still feel at home.. 

02 11 / 2012

King of house music) 

King of house music) 

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01 6 / 2012

01 6 / 2012

Hello my sweet Inspiration..

U know.. U appear just at that very moment when  i’m totally frustrated, exausted and indifferent to life..

U come up to me and begin kissin’ me passionatly, bitin’ my lips and demandin’ attention.

I’m close to madness and i’m ready to kick ur ass and just in a second before i’m gonna do all these i sit at a table\floor\car and begin writtin’, without thinkin’, without any idea what i’m doin’ right here and now.

U just steal my mind and do whatever U want.

But after some time i like come back from another reality to read all the messy but correct words which are on the paper..

Black awesome words that are already a poem..

Can U imagine my madness, Inspiration?

U can make my blueberry nights full of thoughts a perfect thing U know..

Thank U..

01 6 / 2012

Well Monday for me is always a new beginning of something at least it’s for sure the beginning of the week.)

To be honest i hate Monday, I do not like them at all, andby the way do not know completely what is the reason for it. 

But anyway it seems to me that every other morning is a lil bit better then one on Monday) 

Sounds riddiculous but still it’s true. 

Today’s Monday is’t a special one at all I haven’t started a new life, no do it was begun, nothing..but..Monday is Monday and my mood is just the same hehe i mean not the best from all i can afford myself)) 

To begin with I went to bed only at 4 am and 3 hours and 50 mins later I was already up! 

Cuz this very Monday I had classes in my Uni, the deviltake him! 

I went there and courageous oulived the most boring these days lecture!

After bein’ almost asleep i’ve decided that it’s just beyond my abilities!

Well i went home but the Monday had more plans connected with me in the end till i managed to reach the subway i got soaked to the skin!

Happy Monday. is’t it?))

And U know what? it’s still not about to over so what should i expect more?)

01 6 / 2012

Hi to y’all.

Happy to write here again. Tho I did not used to keep a blog i will do one more try.

I guess ppl in blogs try to find smth interesting, something that will catch their attention or smth new, trendy or at least unusual.

Well i’m not the one now who can offer all this stuff to ya but I will try to do my best.

Another reason i’ve decided to come back is my sincere wish to improve my english.

I cannot say it’s totally horrible but as we all know there is no limits to perfection.)

Thanks for readin’me.

Have a good day.